Charlie Heaton and his return to Stranger Things 3


“I would have been surprised if they made a different decision”.

Everyone will know the past with the justice of Charlie Heaton, the actor who plays Jonathan Byers in Stranger Things. Let’s make a brief summary of the story.

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A few days before the release of the second season of Stranger Things, the young actor was stuck at the airport in Los Angeles because drug dogs smelled something strange in his suitcase. Heaton was found in possession of cocaine, a substance he claimed to use, but not in quantities sufficient to trigger the cuffs.
So he was sent back to England and the young man could not attend the show premiere.

Despite all this, a few days ago came the news that the interpreter of Jonathan Byers will continue to work in the series and that he will return in the third season.
The actor has already apologized several times for what happened in October and it seems that his repentance has allowed him to continue acting.

Charlie is coming back. He made many important decisions in his life, he’s a good guy and that was just a slip.

Admitted the costume designer Kim Wilcox.
The news came from Digital Spy.

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